Arpico uplifts professionalism in the printing industry

Arpico, the largest rubber manufacture and producer of state of the art rubber printing rollers in the Island has joined hands with INGRIN, the Institute of Printing and Graphics to enhance the skills of personnel in the printing and graphic industry.

The collaboration between Arpico Printing Rollers and INGRIN, the only printing and graphic design institute in the island will address a longstanding industry requirement of skilled machine operators that has often resulted in higher wastage and increased printing cost in the industry.

A workshop jointly organized by INGRIN and Arpico Printing Rollers recently provided much needed training on machine settings and quality controlling for production managers, executives, supervisors and machine operators in the industry.

Launched official rubber web site at BMICH

Richard Pieris Rubber Products Ltd. Launched its official rubber web site at BMICH "Image Today" exhibition on 6th December 2013.

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